CEO: George Kavadas





General Manager: Martha Dritsakou

[email protected]  -Commercial & Management


Sales ManagerVictoria Renieri 

Customer Service Coordinators: Kassia Theodotou

                                                  Giannis Kavadas

-Customer Care

-Planning/Coordination of sales for

Mediterranean/Black Sea Regions

-Assistance in Commercial Issues


Director Quality & Claims/

Corporate Executive:  Vicky Christopoulou 

Surveys & Claims Assistants: Aggeliki Georgoula

                                              Dora Komini

[email protected]  -Corporate projects development & HR

-Corporate Compliance

– Cargo Quality Control and Damage prevention

surveys[email protected]  -Surveys & claims handling


Technical Manager/DPA: Panagiotis Sotiropoulos

 Superintendent Engineers: George Botsolis       

CSO: Anna Panagea

[email protected] – Hull Maintenance/repairs/drydock

– Bunkers & Oil provision

– Technical support & trouble shooting

– DPA/CSO Deputy


Theodora Vaiopoulou


[email protected] 


Legal issues

C/P Reviews


Port Captain: Nikos Kazonis

Marine Operator: Vaso Kouka

Marine Operator & Agent: Giannis Papageorgiou

Crew Operator: Kostas Meintanis 

[email protected] 

[email protected] 

– Deck maintenance

– Daily routine operational matters & interaction

with Agents per port

– Crew matters

– Port formalities



Cargo Supervisors: Panagiotis Kouvaris

                              George Kafouros

Coordinator: Manolis Kavadas

                    Fotis Dinos 

[email protected]  -Cargo stowage

-Cargo planning etc

-Survey at Piraeus

-Cargo Supervision

-Arranging Vessels berthing at Piraeus


 Manager: Tania Papathanassiou 


Assistants: Xanthi Ampla

[email protected]  – Agency operation

– B/L preparation

– Survey arrangement and analysis


Financial Director: Margarita Kavazoni

Accountant: Alexandros Mathaioulis

Analyst: Thodoris Stefi

D/As-Supply Operator: Niki Kazoni

Supply Operator: Ioanna Avgerodimou

[email protected]  -Corporate Financial issues

-Head of the Accounts Dept

-DA’s calculation

-Freight Invoicing

-Provisions & Stores supply