Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

MCCL of Business ethics & Conduct sets out the general principles which define the responsible business conduct and the ethical rules that all the employees throughout its operations as well as its business partners such as contractors and suppliers are expected to adhere to.

MCCL is engaged to ensure the lack of exposure in unethical business practices or potential negative impacts in the community. The Code is extremely significant for MCCL since it substantially contributes to the improvement and growth. The Code ensures that MCCL activities performed adhere to the principle of integrity, thus safeguarding Company’s reputation, which is its most valuable asset.

MCCL within its efforts to support CSR policy:

  • Provides and guarantees personnel and crew equal opportunities in order to professionally develop their career
  • Fulfill and Respect human rights. No discrimination, equal treatment, irrespective of origin color, sex, religion, nationality etc.
  • Providing health and safe working environment both ashore and on board. encouraging
  • Integrate social responsibility to environmental protection management to provide same weight commitment from the top
  • Respect regulated Working hours and associations and unions, as demanded by the International labor laws and by strictly implementing the related legal standards, Collective bargaining negotiations etc
  • Mccl qualified personnel and seafarers are encouraged to get familiar with any additional and modern technologies’ or trends adding value to their duties new Training
  • Combating corruption and Respects fair market behavior and accepts Logistic partners’ codes of ethics by incorporating same to its own, such as complying with applicable competition laws of the market, bribery, extortion, money laundering etc
  • Child labor and forced labor are forbidden

Code is treated by MCCL consistently in every instance of wrongdoing and applies to every employee and seaman working for the company, no matter how small the violation, appropriate discipline needs might take place. We believe that an efficient Code and a strong company culture leads MCCL to a successful path through integrity and transparency.