Corporate Social Responsibility

MCCL is a socially responsible shipping company working actively to integrate economic, social and environmental concerns within the running business operations and maintain MCCL target to manage sustainability by finding a sound balance between the need for operational efficiency and profit for the society.

MCCL perceives CSR as a fundamental factor that contributes to social and environmental risks prevention, as well as the prevention of risks related to human resources management and the company’s presence in the market, contributing to the development of trust, in which the company can carry out business and innovate.

Although the shipping industry is one of the most regulated industry, than others, regulations could hardly cover what CSR seeks to address. Therefore, Company is applying additional tools for the risk identification and performance measurement, using Management Systems - setting strategic targets and developing their subsequent and constant monitoring means.

Some CSR policy Sustainable Development Goals Management Approaches are:

  • Ensuring a working environment free of accidents or occupational diseases through Safety Management. 
  • Continuous mitigation of environmental impacts through Environmental Management System
  • Maintaining constant vigilance for addressing conditions that may facilitate corruption or bribery at all company levels and activities through Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Maintaining and promoting equal opportunities and respect for human rights.
  • Implementing actions of high social value, also through the development of the employees’ volunteerism or sponsorships.
  • Special attention is paid on the quality and customers’ cargo quality standards by integrating them to the company’s quality management towards continuous improvement and customers’ satisfaction.

MCCL CSR policy mainly derives from its business mission and is closely related to the minimization of its environmental impacts, the increase in its social effect and contribution, as well as the enhancement of the prevention/precaution principle within the context of its activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key element in the business strategy and is incorporated in the daily office and fleet operations. Some of the key CSR priority areas are the following:

  •  Health & Safety at the Workplace
  •  Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery
  •  Labour practices & Collective bargaining
  •  Environmental management
  •  Local Communities
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Market Practices

MCCL is going beyond rules and regulations, implementing on a voluntary basis Management Systems, working proactively to strengthen its market position and increase customers’ as well as employees’ loyalty.

Work with CSR creates ‘brand capital’ which helps the company sustain its reputation in time of crisis or accidents etc.

Based on the Safety, Quality and Environmental Systems that are developed and implemented within MCCL, most of the critical processes are approached under social responsibility and sustainability, within a plan-do-check-act Management System environment, addressing our social responsibility through quality environmental or Occupational Safety -related indicators

MCCL is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability through performance measurements that are included in the Annual Management Review.