In order to achieve the fulfilling of our policies, the experience and outmost attention of the professional attitude are used, starting from the way we are maintaining our vessels up to the  cargo handling . Following some means towards our customer, quality, safety and environmental policies implementation: 

1. Punctuality : We respect our commitments and obligations to the customers , performing the shipments on the planned shipping/delivery dates. Our Quality of Services has been accredited by Class NK with the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.
2. Readiness : A 24hrs/7days personal contact is maintained with our customers, agents etc. to solve on the spot any inconvenience without causing any consequences. The same stands for the rest of our cooperators the Charterers, the Shippers, the Consignees, the Agents therefore, if any problem arises, is solved on the spot without causing any consequences to our customers.
3. Flexibility : Owning the ideal and flexible size of tonnage, we are always able to approach peculiar ports, even with small quantities of cargoes; we are always- freight wise-more than competitive.
4. Damage Prevention & Training : Customers’ damage prevention and quality standards are incorporated in the company’s cargo quality manual and are constantly updated in order to maintain customers’ satisfaction and continuously improve our services. Cargo handling as well as lashing/unlashing on board our vessels, is performed by personnel duly trained on the demands of each customer.
5. Safety : The maintenance plan of our fleet is being efficiently implemented, by strictly following the standards set by the hull and machinery manufacturers. Moreover our company was one of the first in Piraeus which was certified in ISM and ISPS Code and is strictly implementing the regulations for the Safety at Sea, the Protection of the Environment, for onboard and ashore Personnel Training etc.
6. Environmental Awareness : Environmental procedures developed and are strictly maintained by the office and the fleet vessels, in order to ensure that, will eliminate our operational impact to the environment. Various means were established to ensure that accidental pollution factors are as well eliminated. Moreover various training courses were prepared in order to enhance personnel awareness towards environmental sensitivity. Company was certified by Class NKK with the ISO 14001:2015 Standards.
7. Regularity – Sailings : Our Sailing service is performed on a Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly basis ex various Mediterranean and Black Sea ports such as Piraeus, Koper, Gioia Tauro, Barcelona, Vigo , Malta etc with destination ports like Piraeus, Koper, Barcelona, Djen Djen, Tripoli-Khoms, Misurata, Benghazi, La Goulette, Alexandria, Beirut, Tartous, Mersin, Izmir, Derince, Poti,Odessa, Illyichevsk, Constanta, Limassol, Valletta etc.