Being a customer oriented company,  mission and continuous efforts over the years, has always been to fulfill the customers’ needs, on time, without delays in the delivery of cargo, free of any damage, whilst great efforts were made to eliminate any weaknesses and continuously self-improve.

On the top of that, Cargo care which is always performed according to the latest instructions of our customers, is strictly followed and as a result our customers feel confident of the expected service and select our Company amongst the high competition.

Therefore a Cargo Quality Manual has been developed, based on international quality standards, promoting our customers’ quality requirements, which is a part of our Company’s Policy & Procedures System.

Cargo Quality Manual has been forwarded onboard all our vessels in order to be used  as a guide on standard quality procedures and instructions. Cargo Quality Manual includes Quality procedures, developed in order to depict industry-approved quality standards in cargo handling, as well as customers’ cargo handling special requirements.

Vehicle transportation is a teamwork and therefore shore and shipboard personnel involvement, crucially affects its performance. Everybody involved, is responsible to contribute to the process of continuous improvement of the service provided, which leads to the customer satisfaction. Therefore this Cargo Quality Manual depicts our efforts to maintain the best level of quality in the services provided to our Customers, and our goal to ensure damage-free transportation on board our vessels.

 Cargo Quality Manual includes general and specialized instructions regarding the cargo operations and the damage prevention, the stowage, the lashing, the survey processes , illustrated with many photos on the method that is accepted or not accepted to be performed, and up to date car makers’ standards, with which all parties involved are continuously familiarised and strictly implement.

Training of the crew on the Cargo Quality Manual procedures is constant, aiming to ensure efficient handling of the vehicles, and avoid any damages to be occurred. Especially the training of the crew members that are involved in the lashing operation is continuous and  is paying huge attention in lashing training procedure implementation.

 Cargo Quality Manual is frequently revised to depict the valid requirements of the vehicle transportation services, the eventual new customers’ requirements and the various suggestions for improvement that are received in the Quality department of the company.

Quality department is dealing with Quality compliance and After Sales issues, with much of enthusiasm, and considering our experience in problems’ solving and/or preventing of incidents,  is acting beyond the basic standards, dares to analyse incidents feedback, to accept problems’ solving as a challenge and takes the necessary measures to enforce prevention and Damage Free transportation policy.


MCCL is certified by NKK under the ISO 9001:2015 Standards