Sustainable development in MCCL is implemented through the interconnected main pillars/principals of the company such as reliability, integrity and ethics, transparency and quality procedures, environmental management and social responsibility.

For MCCL, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a complex practice which is expressed through its continuous commitment to attaining Sustainable Development. Policy is announced on the company’s site and 2-3 training sessions per year are arranged in order to familiarize company’s personnel with the CSR philosophy.

MCCL is committed to the Environment protection and committed to lower the impact caused by vessels' operation and accidental pollution factors are eliminated. Therefore, on a nonmandatory basis an Environmental Management Plan was developed in order to depict company’s aim to be committed and participate to an efficient environmental protection.
Various training courses are performed in order to increase personnel awareness and environmental sensitivity and encourage participation in the recycling procedures of the company employees. The management of the environmental aspects and routine practices of the company, focus on the conservation of resources and waste reduction and is constantly reviewed and improved to determine whether each practice is efficient enough in an environmental context.
MCCL is certified by Class NKK under the ISO 14001:2015 Standards

MCCL mission and continuous efforts over the years, has always been to fulfill the customers’ needs, on time, without delays in the delivery of cargo, free of any damage, whilst great efforts were made to eliminate any weaknesses and continuously self-improve. The high level of Customers Quality standards was the basis of the company’s challenge to respond and adapt a Quality Management Plan that would increase the level of service and promote customers’ satisfaction through the self-assessment and continuous improvement.

MCCL is certified by Class NKK under the ISO 9001:2015 Standards